VigRX plus

vigrx plus penis pillsMost men are embarrassed if they have erectile dysfunction and they therefore even fear asking for help. In this day and age a lot of relationships have broken due to this problem as the men are under constant pressure to perform yet they can’t. Most people suffer in silence when there is a solution which lays in taking buy vigRXplus pills. You may wonder what all the fuss is about this pill and how it differs from other penis enhancement pills. One huge difference is that vigRX plus is made from natural ingredients solely therefore you won’t face side effects that usually come with synthetic components. So what are these magic’ ingredients?

1. Damiana which has been in use in central and south America even by the Mayans. It was used as an aphrodisiac. Damiana has been said to increase sexual stamina, make orgasms more powerful and intense and also support erections.

2. Muira pauma bark extract has been proven scientifically to improve sexual function in both the physical and psychological aspects. This extract also increases the desire to have sex and potency. For older men and even younger ones, it’s able to restore virility therefore making it a key ingredient in vigRX plus.

3. Another is the catuaba bark extract which is a popular Brazilian aphrodisiac plant and in an interesting twist, it is said that frequent intake of this bark makes one have erotic dreams and afterwards there is significant increase in libido. The extract also stimulates the nervous system, relives fatigue and strengthens a person.

4. Saw palmetto berry is an ingredient that the pill wouldn’t be complete without. High testosterone levels mean high sexual activeness. This extract therefore inhibits the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotesterone which causes the increase of prostate cells. The extract also improves blood flow and balances hormones.

5. Asian red ginseng is very popular and it’s used to strengthen and boost energy levels. Ginsenoside which is the active ingredient of the extract is said to help build up blood and sperm through alteration of blood flow to the penis and brain.

6. Epimedium sagittatum also appropriately called Horny goat weed’ has icariin as the key ingredient. The extract boosts the flow of blood into the penis, relaxes smooth muscles, releases testosterone and improves sensations leading to powerful orgasms.

7. Ginkgo leaf though common for other benefits like mental alertness also relaxes smooth muscles, improves blood circulation in the genital area giving power to an erection.

8. . Hawthorn berry is bursting with bioflavonoids which dilate and relax arteries and also improve oxygenation and flow of blood due to their antioxidants properties.

9. Puncture vine has been proven to improve erectile function, boost libido, increase testosterone levels, strength and stamina.

10. Bioperine is the latest addition to the ingredients and its function is to boost absorption of the rest of the ingredients into your system for faster results.

There are 10 of the best that guarantee you no side effects. You also get a 67 day money back guarantee so order your pills and start enjoying the amazing benefits. Remember we only live once so make the most out of your moments!